Shop Medicina

Shop Medicina

Through store of medical devices Jugolek - FM offers various types of medical devices and equipment for medical practices. There are devices for blood pressure measurements, apparatus for measuring blood sugar, stethoscopes and other medical instrumenti, also there are medical bags, surgical instruments, a wide range of orthopedic devices, equipment for disabled patients, medical uniforms and shoes, disinfectants, laboratory glassware, etc.

We emphasize our offer of medical uniforms: coats, pants, skirts, blouses, shirts, etc.. In our shop there is a special department where there is a possibility of tasting and selection of the most beautiful and the most appropriate uniforms for every medical worker or a student of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, etc..

Medical gowns and other medical clothing, which we offer, are made from 100% cotton and are characterized by high quality and durability that sets it apart from the other offers of similar products in the market. All models are in compliance with the requirements of the job and the latest fashion trends in the world, when the medical uniforms matters.

High quality and well tailored uniform contributes to the impression of a real choice, quality, competence, professionalism and trust a person who wears it. At the same time it helps to build authority and self-confidence. Medical uniforms are especially important in medicine, and also they are a traditionally marks for a medical doctors and other medical workers. Therefore, choosing a good medical uniform is very important, and Jugolek-FM is always there to assist you.

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Working hours: Monday - Friday: from 09h to 20h, Saturday from 09h to 15h

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