Work clothes and uniforms are an important elements that contribute to the successful performance of daily duties.

High quality and well tailored uniform contributes to the impression of a real choice, quality, competence, professionalism and trust a person who wears it. At the same time it helps to build authority and self-confidence...

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Jugolek FM d.o.o. is importer and appointed distributor of compressor nebulizer Bronair A500LW02.

For several years, to the satisfaction of numerous customers, compressor nebulizer Bronair A500LW02 has been one of the best selling nebulizers on domestic market. Device is available in all well supplied pharmacies and retail stores of Jugolek-FM d.o.o.

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Do not let any health-care hassles spoil your vacation!

Today nutrition experts are unanimous in the view that many of the diets recommended by under-educated doctors ili semi-skilled experts give more harm than benefit...

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The quality and tradition are always in the first place

The company Jugolek - FM d.o.o. was founded in April 2005 with based on Nikola Pasic Square, No. 8. A retail business with three retail stores has been launched after the foundation, mainly from medical consumables supplies. In its product range the company offers all products in the field of medical equipment, medical equipment, medical instruments and supplies.

Products, which doesn?t have specialized in the sale, the company provides on customer?s demand within three days. The range includes a wide array of items that can satisfy all the requirements of customers, both in terms of quality (the world's best known manufacturers) and in terms of prices (from the rich to the modest budget).

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