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The quality and tradition are always in the first place

Jugolek - FM is the company for wholesale and retail of medical consumables and medical devices. The company continues a long tradition, over 60 years old, in this business. The sector consists of retail and wholesale sector. Retail is the sale of medical devices in a small specialized shop which is located in Belgrade, at Palmoti?eva no. 5, then a pharmacy within the building airport 'Nikola Tesla' in Belgrade and store extra equipment at Nikola Pašić no. 8 in Belgrade. Wholesale is trading wholesale goods, both at domestic and international market.

Initiative, teamwork, relationship with client, mutual respect, trust, openness and integrity are the principles which underpin our business. These are the starting points which we hold in every job we do. They define us as an organization and serve as guides in our development and professional orientation, and also help us to maintain good relations with clients, a large number of associates and business contacts as well as among ourselves.

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