Wholesale Jugolek - FM primarily offers wall cabinets with first aid kits, medical supplies, disinfectants and hygiene items, bags and containers for infectious waste, and more.

We emphasize the possibility of supplying textile products intended for healthcare, such as uniforms, pajamas, bedding and more, all at an agreement, custom and in cooperation with the domestic textile manufacturers.

Regularly in every part that covers the wholesale sector supplying a service we provide items from our range.If you have a retail facility, and you need a reliable and strong partner, please contact us! Our company makes daily deliveries of goods to the outlets on the territory of the Republic of Serbia. Through store of medical devices Jugolek FM offers various types of medical devices and equipment for medical practices. There are devices for blood pressure measurements, apparatus for measuring blood sugar, stethoscopes and other medical instrumenti, also there are medical bags, surgical instruments, a wide range of orthopedic devices, equipment for disabled patients, medical uniforms and shoes, disinfectants, laboratory glassware, etc.

Creating new partnerships and improve cooperation with existing customers are a priority in the development of wholesale activities.
no. 515-04-04291/2011-08

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Beogradska 186, 11224, Beograd, Vrčin, Srbija

Phone: +381 11 346 32 73

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